16 April 2014

Finding Your Flow With Meditation

Hey party people! I just wanted to drop in to tell you about the latest Deepak Chopra and Oprah Meditation Challenge. Technically, this one is called a Meditation Experience but the concept is still the same as before. It's 21 days of meditation focused around a particular subject and this time the topic is Finding Your Flow. I think I know what that means but I'm open to a new interpretation should the need arise.
21-Day Meditation Experience: Finding Your Flow
The experience started on April 14th but it's not too late to start because each meditation is available for five days after its debut. I love these challenges/experiences because the short meditations are a great way to get grounded for the day without a huge commitment.

Let me know if you'll be Finding Your Flow with Oprah and Deepak this month. It's free to participate!

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15 April 2014

5k Training Update

Hey Gorgeous! I'm still in training to run The McCarren 5K next month and I would love to report that I've been running on schedule and that everything is dandy but, alas, this is not the case. 

Woman training for a 5K.
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I'm currently in Week 3 of my training with the C25K app (Couch to 5K) but I had to take the entire second week off because I caught some bug that came complete with body ache, head and chest congestion. Now, one can run with a simple head cold but when you add a strong cough and chest congestion, one needs to have a seat. So sit I did and when I got back on the track this Sunday, it was almost like starting over again. Ugh! Add this to the fact that I was already time challenged because my race date and the length of the training program aren't exactly lined up and you have a recipe for a frowny-faced Patranila. Nevertheless, I'm back at it and determined to be ready for race day!

On the flip side, another thing that happened this week was getting confirmation that, contrary to my own belief, what one does in life rarely goes unnoticed. No fewer than five friends have been inspired to start running because I'm in training and two of them will be joining me in the McCarren race next month!! Big fat YAY! As a blogger, and as a regular human being, I often wonder if anyone is paying any attention at all. I go about my days, doing the things that I do, with no certainty that I'm impacting anyone's life, for better or for worse and I can't help but wonder what I'm doing it for. Learning that I've inspired some folks is a great feeling and gives me more motivation to keep going and to keep sharing!

If you're thinking you want to join in or follow along, look for me on Twitter and Instagram (@patranila) where I'm using the hashtag #5KPJ. Happy trails!

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07 April 2014

Hottest Nail Colors for Spring

The first buds of the season are pushing their way through the cold, hard earth as spring arrives in the Northeast. It's the perfect time to restock your nail color collection with the hottest new shades! Here are a few spring nail colors on my wish list, from cool minty greens to punchy pinks and vivid violets. There are so many to choose from! Enjoy.

Best Nail Colors Spring 2014
 L'Oreal New Money //  Deborah Lippman Spring Buds //  Dior Pampille 

05 April 2014

Training For a 5k

Spring has sprung and I am bursting out of my winter hibernation with a plan to run a 5K! Yep, I'm hitting the road and training for The McCarren 5K that runs on May 31st in Brooklyn. 

Once upon a time, I ran quite frequently and was no stranger to the 5K circuit in New York but that was quite a while ago. To say that I am rusty and out of running shape is perhaps the understatement of the year. Enter the Couch to 5K app (aka C25K). It's perfect for beginning runners, and those of us who haven't had our rubber on the road in months/years, because it starts you out slowly and ramps up your runs to have you prepared for a 5K in just nine weeks. For the first week, you run 60-second running/90-second walking intervals for 20 minutes. Easy peasy. Well, sort of. My race day is less than nine weeks away so I'll have to run a little harder to be ready in time.
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