Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Edit

July 20, 2016

It happens every year. I forgo brunches, drinks with friends and trips to Shake Shack so I can afford to splurge during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This year, I intend to broaden my shopping selection and not spend all my money on eyeshadow. I’ve been indulging in at-home spa treatments and daytime napping so I need some supply replenishment in that area and I also need more lipstick. What is your beauty bag lacking?

I’ve edited a list of must-haves to finish the summer strong and maybe you’ll find a gem or two for yourself. …

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The Popsugar Must Have Box Delivers Happiness & Summertime Fun

July 18, 2016

The POPSUGAR Must Have Box is arguably one of the best subscription boxes on the market. With a superlative collection of products from brands in beauty, home, fashion and food, it’s a box that easily lives up to its name. The June box is filled with summertime goodies perfect for weekend getaways, days at the beach and backyard barbecues. I don’t know about you but that fits perfectly with my plans for the summer!

POPSUGAR Must Have June: What’s Inside

Hat Attack Neutral Diamonds-Printed Sarong

Sisters of Los Angeles “Cheers” Gold Bottle Opener

Wild and Wolf Ridley’s Game Room “Who Am I?” Quiz

NCLA Born on the 4th Nail Lacquer

Knock Knock Are You Ready (For Your Closeup?) Mirror

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes

Pressels Sriracha


7 Must-Have Beauty Products to Stash At The Office

July 15, 2016

You know how it is. Your face is showing all the signs of a horrendous day at work and your beer buddy calls with news of a new happy hour spot he discovered that must be explored tonight. He’s already in the car heading toward your office leaving no time for a quick trip home to get glam. What’s a Savvy Beauty to do? Have a beauty bag filled with essentials stashed at her desk. Assuming you didn’t leave the house with a completely bare face, these seven products will help you create a stunning evening look.…

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Get an Early Look at the 2017 Kate Spade Planner

July 12, 2016
Kate Spade Planner 2017

I’m a die-hard digital girl but when it comes to planning my life and my work, I must take pen to paper. Well, pencil to paper. I erase a lot. This year, during my on-going search for the perfect planner, I bought no fewer than three. I’m picky, have lots of requirements and am generally hard to please so for 2017, I’m getting a jump on the search by starting with the 2017 Kate Spade Planner.…

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Juicy July + My Season of Celebration

July 10, 2016

Woo hoo! July is my birth month and I’m big on celebrations! In fact, I celebrate for the whole season beginning on the Summer Solstice, aka, my favorite day of the year. I used to only celebrate for the month of July but I’ve expanded because, why not! Life is to be lived and there are few things better than celebrating the completion of another trip around the sun. Besides, celebrating for the season gives all my friends ample time to take me out for food, drink and debauchery.…

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