01 August 2013

On Isolation and Inspiration

I'm always amazed that in our hyper-connected world, so many of us still suffer from feelings of isolation. With three million 'social' networks, ubiquitous laptops, cell phones and tablets we're more connected to each other than we've ever been in history yet on a disturbingly regular basis, I and my friends mention really craving face time. And no, not that Facetime provided by Apple! Sure we conveniently keep up with the goings on in our lives and careers via text and live tweeting but there's nothing like being in the presence of your people.

For bloggers, I think those feelings of isolation are especially prevalent. We're constantly 'staying in touch' via our social networks, updating, checking-in and sharing, but staring at a screen hour after hour can really leave you with a distorted sense of reality and your self. Sometimes we have no idea, if our work is impacting anyone's life or even being read for that matter. It's distressing to say the least. No matter what our posts suggest, it's not all flowers, fun outfits and fantastic friendships.

Luckily, the gods of true connectivity smile upon us once in a while and we get to experience real live connections. Recently, my obsessive Facebooking paid off in a wonderful connection with a couple of young artists/digital media mavens who belong to an extended tribe of women who are focused on staying empowered and living life by design. We sat down for a face-to-face, swapped stories about our experiences within said community and gushed over one another's current projects. I can't tell you how gratifying it was that someone had read my stuff and thought it merited being shared with their audience. Like many of us, I'm really hard on myself and though I put in many hours on my passion projects, there's often a nagging sense of not being quite good enough. Of not really being 'there yet.' Of course, I realize that's just a story I tell myself, a deeply engrained and powerful story, but a story nonetheless. I work each day to write new stories. That meeting was a first-rate example of moving through isolation to inspiration. 

Omar Terrick Columbus Photography

Then there are the happy invitations to celebrate the success of another that lead to renewing your own spirit and drive. My bestie and fellow blogger Abiola Abrams invited me to join her at the 5th Blogiversary celebration for super blogger Kitty Bradshaw. Kitty writes about her life in NY as a California girl, has tens of thousands of readers and perhaps the cutest blog logo ever! The turnout at her event was amazing. I ran into some long-time blogger friends (Nando of nandoism.com and @Shoshi, the Courtesan Curator) and made some great new connections. We filled up on childhood favorite beef and veggie patties from Golden Krust and entered to win a car from General Motors for a 10-day road trip! 

It was face time to the max and I was blown away by Kitty's composure in the face of so much success and, once again, I was inspired and ready to engage. I guess it all comes back to personal connection. It's why we do what we do--sharing our lives, our stories, our triumphs and disappointments, looking to connect with our tribe. 

Here are a few snaps from the party. Everyone was so colorful that day. Love it!

Omar Terrick Columbus Photography

Omar Terrick Columbus Photography

Well, the strive continues. Thanks for reading!


  1. Cute top! And great piece. Thanks, Patranila. You speak for me.


  2. I'm so glad to be able to branch out and meet new bloggers. I have been trying to find wonderful examples such was yourself and your friends. Oh, and I just wanted to say that you guys look amazing. go gurlies go!

  3. Thanks Tracie and thanks for following! It's so cool to find new folks of like mind!


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