21 December 2013

Hooray for the Winter Solstice!

Hip hip hooray for the shortest day of the year! It's the day that puts me back on the path to more sunshine and it's also known as the day the sun stands still. For all the space nerds and astronomy geek info on the sun standing still, click here where they explain all that jazz. We (meaning me) are super excited as the days will grow longer from now until the Summer Solstice aka, my favorite day of the year! 

My winter weariness has been well documented and true to form, I have been hibernating and drinking warm beverages, of every stripe. Good times! Anyway, enjoy your winter season and here's to re-emerging in the spring, refreshed and raring to go!

 photo patranila-sig.jpg


  1. Kind of cool to think about it....beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!

  2. I'm looking forward to longer days! I can't seem to find enough daylight to shoot outfit photos!
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    1. I know what you mean. Same for me with product photos!


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